sabato 19 dicembre 2009

La feminomics di Mrs Eleonor Roosvelt

L'Huffington Post presenta oggi un articolo di Nomi Prins tratto da New Deal 2.0, il blog del Roosevelt Institute che ha recentemennte inaugurato "Feminomics", una serie di riflessioni sul ruolo delle donne nell'economia attuale ("From an economic standpoint, will 2010 be the year of the woman?")

La giornalista, con un glorioso passato di analista a Wall Street, ha scritto un interessante articolo sul rapporto tra donne, finanza ed etica: Feminomics: Women Reformers Motivated by a No Tolerance Rule.

Women weren't in the position of running these firms, so how could they have presided over their problems? Perhaps the attainment of such positions requires the shedding of a certain ethical code. (...)
But, the question is, would the massive bailout of the financial sector have occurred, had women been at its helm? Indeed, Davos economists this year speculated that the presence of more women on Wall Street might have averted the downturn.
There's still time to heed their warnings.
Of course, it is not just women that question corporate fraud or widespread financial risk. But for the most systemically compromising and expensive breaches of ethics and restraint, it has been women who have fought against the barrier of male nonsense to shine a light and an alarm.

Una maggiore presenza di donne a Wall Street avrebbe reso meno devastante la crisi finanziaria? Secondo alcuni economisti di Davos e la giornalista dell'Huffington Post sicuramente si!

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Sul tema della Feminomics v. anche l'articolo di Ezra Klein Super Feminomics, commento allo Shriver Report

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